HACH Pool & Spa 7-in-1 Test Strips

Product Description

AquaChek Silver 7 in 1 Test Strips (100 Count) 

Are you sick of buying multiple bottles of test strips every summer? The Aquachek Silver 7 in 1 Test Strips allows you to kill seven birds with one stone, and the test kit comes with 100 strips for continued use. Ensure your pool water is safe with these test strips that offer seven essential pool water tests.  Each strip features easy to decipher individual colors to make results easy to read. When you stay ahead of your pool water levels by keeping track with tests, you save money and headaches in the long-term. Make test taking easy so that you stick to it. 24-36 Month Shelf Life From Manufactured Date.


  • pH Test
  • Total Bromine Test
  • Free Chlorine Test
  • Total Alkalinity Test
  • Total Chlorine Test
  • Total Hardness Test
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer) Test

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