Escape Spa beads

The Spazazz aromatherapy products are now available as Instant Aromatic Escape Beads. They are perfect for spa dispensers (air blowers), humidifiers, the car, and just about anywhere else you want the lasting Spazazz aromas!

Use them inside the house to enjoy the benefits or aromatherapy in any room. Add them to your humidifier and instantly enjoy the lasting benefits. Place them in your car and you have an instant air freshener that out lasts those cardboard air fresheners!

Spazazz Instant Aromatic Spa Beads are an affordable indulgence that have multiple uses! They are currently available in 21 different Spazazz aromatherapy fragrances.

The Spazazz Instant Aromatic Spa Beads are specially formulated for multiple uses, including spas, hot tubs and bathtubs. They won’t effect your hot tubs water in any adverse way or leave oily residue behind.


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