Baqua Spa Test Strips

Product Description

BAQUA SPA Test Strips-4 way (25 count) are a quick and easy way to test your BAQUA SPA treat system. Each test strip tests for Sanitizer, Hardness, Total Alkalinity, and pH.

Product Dosage

One test strip per test


  1. Gently dip a Baqua Spa Test Strip into water for one second; do not “swish” strips.
  2. Hold the strip level, with pads up, for 15 second. Do not shake off excess water.
  3. Compare the Baqua Spa Sanitizer, Hardness, Total Alkalinity and pH pads to color chart.
  4. Adjust the readings to within the desired range. Follow label directions on each product.

Note: Low pH reading may result when Total Alkalinity is less than 80 ppm.