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Seaspray Above Ground Pool FAQs

Seaspray Above Ground Pool FAQs

  • What size and shape above ground pools are available?

    Seaspray®  Pools has a wide range of above ground pools in both round and oval sizes. Choose the perfect fit for your backyard from one of four models – the Ponderosa LX, Allure, Evolution CLX or Sensation. Each model offers a variety of sizes. All pools have a consistent depth of 52 inches and hold anywhere from just over 5,000 gallons of water up to 27,500 gallons.

  • How long will it take to install my above ground pool?

    Your Seaspray®  Above Ground Pool is designed for easy and fast installation. In one weekend, your pool can be up and ready for bathers.

  • What kind of warranty is available for my Seaspray® Pool?

    Each Seaspray®  Above Ground Pool comes with a pro-rated warranty. Branson Hot Tubs and Pools will provide you with additional details on the term and conditions. There is also a construction and quality warranty for the Seaspray pool liner.

  • Are there any zoning laws I should be aware of when installing an above ground pool?

    You should always check with your local governing bodies about regional zoning laws BEFORE installing your above ground pool. Some areas have specific building codes or permit requirements that may necessitate modifications to your installation plans.

  • Are there any special care requirements for my liner?

    Keep sharp objects out of the pool and away from the bottom of the pool. Maintain proper pH levels and be sure to use pool care products that are recommended by Branson Hot Tubs and Pools

  • How often should I test the water in my above ground pool?

    Your pool water should be tested two to three times a week. Keeping track of your water balance will create an optimum swim environment for you and your guests and ensure a long life for your pool.

  • Why should I test my pool water?

    Frequent water testing is conducted to ensure swimmer comfort and prevent damage to your pool. When you test the water, you are looking at several ranges including pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, free chlorine, free bromine and metals (copper and iron).

    Roll up your sleeves and reach down to elbow length for the best water sample – around 18 inches. A usable sample should include 8 ounces of water – trapped in a sample bottle or any clean, plastic container.

    When conducting your own two-to-three-times weekly water analysis, remember that there are specific ranges for each test.

    Test Range

    pH 7.2 – 7.6
    Total Alkalinity 120-150 ppm*
    Calcium Hardness 200-250 ppm*(Concrete Pools)
    Calcium Hardness 175-225 ppm* (Vinyl Pools)
    Free Chlorine 1-3 ppm*
    Free Bromine 3-5 ppm*
    Metals: Copper 0 ppm*
    Metals: Iron 0 ppm*


    The most important factor to your water balance is the pH. The pH sets the tone for your water and keeps things safe and inviting to your family and friends.

    Total Alkalinity, or TA, refers to the alkaline materials dissolved in the pool water. Your water’s ability to resist pH changes depends on the alkaline material. Low TA can cause the pH to “bounce” in and out of range. High TA makes it difficult to adjust the pH as needed.

    Calcium Hardness denotes the amount of dissolved minerals (mostly calcium carbonate) in your water. Low Calcium Hardness can corrode equipment or cause etching in the plaster finish. High levels can lead to cloudy water or scaling.

    Deliver a water sample to your pool care professional once a month, or whenever you have questions about water levels. They will analyze the water and provide you with the necessary instruction to ensure proper water balance and chlorination levels in your pool.

  • What should I do about discolored water? Surface problems? Algae growth?

    Consult the troubleshooting chart in the Seaspray® Pools Pool Care Guide. The most common pool issues are listed there, along with a probable cause and solution. For professional water diagnosis and treatment advice, take a water sample to your pool care dealer.

  • How do I close my pool for the winter and re-open in the summer?

    Preparing your pool for the colder months is simple and fast, and it makes for a smooth restart in the spring. For details on closing your pool and re-opening it, as well as keeping it open during the winter months (for warmer climates), consult the Seasonal Guide in the Seaspray®  Pool Care Guide.

  • How do I drain my Seaspray® pool for the end of the season?

    Branson Hot Tubs and Pools is the best resource for region-specific information regarding care and winterizing of your above ground pool. The Pool Care Guide also offers helpful tips for seasonal care.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my above ground pool?

    Branson Hot Tubs and Pools will provide you with an installation guide that includes detailed information on preparing the ground for your new above ground pool.

  • Can my Seaspray® pool be kept open all year round?

    Depending on your region, you may be able to keep your pool open 365 days a year. Check with Branson Hot Tubs and Pools for specific details on your area.

  • Is my pool susceptible to sun damage?

    Your Seaspray®  pool is constructed of the most durable materials available to the above ground pool industry.  Sturdy construction, high quality coatings and the 100-percent virgin vinyl liner are all designed to withstand the elements.

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